Wedding Photography

- I love to capture candid moments, documenting the smiles and emotion of your day as it unfolds. Aside from any family formal images you request, I won't pose your guests. Instead I'll capture real moments which show your day in all its authentic beauty and which evoke real happiness when you look back at them. 

- I photograph weddings without intrusion. Photographing with both wide and closely cropped lenses which enable me to snap smiles without pushing my camera into anyone's face. Your guests aren't required to hold their poses or have their personal space invaded - in fact, I'm often told they've not noticed they were being captured at all! 

- With extensive experience in photoshop I work my socks off after the big day to ensure that each image is finalised to the highest standard I can provide. I hand-pick the best selection of images I've captured before retouching each photograph individually to give them the rich colours and softness that you see throughout my portfolio.

- I work exclusively with natural & available lighting. This allows me to capture your day as it is, in all its loveliness, come rain or come shine! It is worth noting that this means I do not offer flash-flooded party shots as a part of any of my packages. What we lack in flash photos is made up for in beautiful, striking, natural imagery during daylight hours. I leave the partying to you!

- If you're up for it, I love to take a few moments on the wedding day to capture beautiful portraits of just the two of you in the beautiful areas around the grounds of your venue. These can be as formal or informal as you like and they make a beautiful addition to wedding albums. I am also happy to work to your direction to capture any more formal images that take your fancy.

What is included?

- Your wedding day documented in beautiful photographs from however bright & early you'd like, and until the light disappears and the dancing takes over! 

- A mixture of carefully selected colour and black & white moments, individually retouched to the standard you see throughout my portfolio.

- The final edited images as digital files on a personalised wooden USB stick, six weeks from your wedding date, provided in both their full size (perfect for prints!) and as neat web-ready files.

-A pre-wedding meet-up, if we can make it happen. Coffee, a venue viewing, whatever floats your boat. Let's not be strangers on the day!


150 images - £900 

250 images - £1150 

350 images - £1400

Applicable to weddings booked during 2018. Second shooters, engagement sessions, albums, or additional days coverage are available as custom packages - just ask!

What's next?

Drop me an email, give me a call or use the contact form below. I'd love to hear about your story and your wedding day. Let's talk about what you're looking for in your wedding photographs. Let me know your wedding date. Well get the ball rolling! 


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